BIOKMOD: A Mathematica toolbox for solving system of differential equations, fitting coefficients, convolution, and more, with application in modeling Linear and Nonlinear Biokinetic Systems. It includes the current ICRP biokinetic models. It can be applied in pharmacokinetic, internal dosimetry, bioassay evaluations, nuclear medicine and more. This toolbox consists of Mathematica packages and tutorials. It can be downloaded at: BIOKMOD 5.4 (Mathematica 10 or later is requiered). For Mathematica 8 or 9 download version: BIOKMOD 5.3. An additional package is available: ICRP130Models, which includes the new HRTM (ICRP 130) and the biokinetic model for some elements developed according to the ICRP 134 and ICRP 137

The most usual features of BIOKMOD are available at BIOKMODWEB . It runs online without having to download any software.

For additional information visit the author website: