Biokmod HELP

ELEMENT is the symbol of the element

λ is the radioactive decay constant, in day-1. If you know the half-life T in place of λ, as λ = Log[t]/T you can write: Log[2]/T, ej.: For T = 8.2 year, then write: Log[2]/(365.24*8.2) .

IntakeWay choose "Injection" or "Ingestion" or "Inhalation";

AMAD (Activity Median Aerodynamic Diameter): (only by Inhalation) choose the value which you wish (usually AMAD = 5). Then the program will select the appropriated Initial fractional Deposition (IFD) values.

Class (only by Inhalation) choose: F or M or S. Then the program will select the appropriate fractional rate of absorption.

f1: fraction from GI (SI) to Blood. If you has chosen a Class (by inhalation), them in f1 will appear the appropiaded values for the element selected according to ICRP, but you can change this value.

IntakeType choose "Acute" or "Constant", "Continuous" or "MultiInputs";

Intake.- The input format depends on the "Intake type" chosen.

Output Report choose: "IRD (Retention Fraction)" or "Retention Functions" or "GraphicsReport" , or "CompartmentContent" or "Disintegrations".

Time t always in days. The meaning depends on the "Intake type" chosen.

Note: If in Output Report you has chosen "GraphicsReport" or "IRD (Retention Fraction)" must be chosen a numeric value for Time

CompartNumbers and TransferRates options.- If "True" gives a report where is indicated the relation between the number and the name of compartments, and also the Tranfer Rates. It a good idea to choose this option if in Output Report has been chosen "CompartmentContent" or "Disintegration".