This program - BiokmodWeb (Short version of the Mathematica Tool Biokmod ) - gives the Intake Retention Fractions (IRF), their analitycal expressions: the Intake Retention Functions (RF),the graphic representation. Acute, Constant(Chronic), Continuous (variable in the time) and Multi single inputs intakes can be assumed. Biokinetic parameters for reference workers and Adults (man) from Current ICRP Model are applied.

Select first the element following with steps shown in the screen. For a new evaluation you must reselect all parameters. To define your own input for Class and AMAD just select the checkbox and introduce the input.

Select ELEMENT: λ (in days^-1):
Select Intake Way : Inhalation Ingestion Injection
Select AMAD(only for inhalation) : (By default) Or
Select CLASS : (By default) Or
Select Intake Type : Acute Constant Chronic MultiInputs Continuous
Intake (Bq or Bq/day):
Select output report:    Time:
Compart Numbers and Transfer Rates: True False

Note: The solution is given as an table or an image, it can be copied in other applications as usual (ej.: pick in the table or image with your mouse and paste it into a file -ej.: MS Word- for later uses).

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